Our Culture

At Novatronic, we believe in the importance of having a strong organizational culture that we build and cultivate through every member in our organization. Our core values, which every member of our organization embodies, have allowed us to create a unique working environment where loyalty, honesty, and commitment predominate. For this reason, we are looking for people who are passionate, innovative, oriented towards excellence, pursue their passion for learning, and most importantly, share their knowledge with others. We believe that our team is our most important asset and the key to our success. Therefore, Novatronic’s priority is to provide their employees with the necessary tools to achieve their full potential. When people find an environment where they can learn and grow professionally, the organization becomes stronger, allowing the country to develop.

Our culture consists of a team of individuals who are passionate about what they do and constantly seek to learn, innovate, and share their knowledge with others. We trust them and acknowledge the value they provide to the company. Therefore, we are committed to their development and motivate them to reach their highest potential. Novatronic continues to grow every day due to our employees’ constant efforts .
- Guillermo Pacheco Martínez, CEO

Be part of our team

We invite you to apply for our job openings. Be part of a team that innovates, embraces new challenges every day, and is motivated to achieve its goals with excellence. Together, let's transform digital payments around the world!
  • Software engineer I JAVA (programmer level)
  • Software engineer JAVA y C/C++(internship)
  • Software engineer II JAVA (programmer analyst level)
  • product strategy (internship)

Nuestra propuesta de valor para nuestros colaboradores

At Novatronic we are committed to employees and we care about their development and comprehensive well-being. In that regard, we offer different programs that are part of the following categories of our emotional salary:

  • Professional development: In order to contribute to the professional development of employees and their soft and technical skills, we provide the needed work tools and constant training.
  • Flexibility: We seek to contribute to work-life balance, giving each team the possibility of managing flexible schedules according to  their objectives. In the same way, we give interns a free week in mid-term exams and flexibility in final evaluations.
  • Programs that contribute to physical and mental health.
  • Programs that contribute to wellnes: We provide free activities and workshops that contribute to the well-being of employees; as well as the integration and creation of team recreational spaces.

Contribution to society

Inclusive technology
We develop solutions that contribute to social inclusion and development in Latin America. We have recently launched our project “Connect Now!” which allows mobile applications, operations, and services to work without an internet connection. Using voice channels, individuals in remote locations without access to the internet can engage in financial transactions, biometric verifications, and other applications required.
Aiding the competitiveness of small and medium size enterprises
We provide specialized solutions to finance companies, microfinance institutions, and cooperatives by offering advanced technological services that adapt to their needs and have reasonable investments.
We continuously engage in research and development to provide the best available technological solutions and contribute to our country’s development.

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