Success stories

“Prepayment Solutions and Online Collection Systems”
(Claro, Entel, Sedapal, Banesco)

Leading TELCO companies and other institutions use the Online Prepayment and Collection System. This solution allows these institutions clients to pay online for the services they consume or the ones they want to prepay. It easily integrates with multiple channels enabling clients to pay for services such as cell phone services, electricity, and water. These services allow our clients to offer a broad network of online payments.

Our transactional system SIX/EFT Switch, integrated with our security system SIX/SECURITY, has automatized our clients' electronic banking systems with: payment systems, electronic funds transfer, secure access to financial information, completion of conciliation processes, compensation, and commissioning.

Our clients continue using our technological solutions because of their efficiency and reliability. Due to our security and standards compliance, we prevent cyber-attacks and security issues.
“Interbank Transfer System”
(Banco de Crédito, Banco Santander, Banco Financiero, Banco GNB, Caja Trujillo, Caja Arequipa)

In 2014, Novatronic implemented its first interbank transaction solution. Due to its success, many institutions have started to use this solution as it allows rapid transactions. This Interbank Transfer System strengthens the banking network enabling our clients to fulfill their goals.
“Online Automated Clearing House System (ACH)”

Our platform, Online Automated Clearing House System, provided a revolutionary service to our clients. The market demanded a solution that allowed processing operations between financial entities in real-time and complied with the industry’s standards. Our solution allows fast, reliable, and secure interbank transactions strengthening the bank network.
“Biometric Identification Six/Bio”
Novatornic implemented a biometric identification network that helped companies reduce the risk of fraudulent transactions. This technological solution complies with security standards such as EMV, and guarantees continuous operation by using high availability architecture. Several clients use this technology as it allows them to make safe and reliable operations.

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